Until the election/coronation, Bumpspot will operate in crisis mode. We will be blog tweeting from our Sandalwood bunker, deep in the heart of Trump country. As we approach America’s election Armageddon, consider Bumpspot to be your FiveThirtyEight, RealClear Politics, HuffPost Pollster and TheUpshot all rolled into one.

Who’s leading you ask?

We answer: The low energy emailing queen of Whitewater, Benghazi and Clinton Foundation fame has a slight popular vote (or less unpopular vote) lead over the amoeba. She is also leading (for now) in most of the key Electoral College states and in knowing how to allow a few of her worst decisions to stay front and center through the entire election cycle. Yes, she has apologized in a sort of defensive it-depends-what-the-definition-of-is-is Clintonesque sort of way. That’s fine. It is, after all, a Clinton family tradition to cut their good works with a dose of scandal. And who really cares if she often seems to wonder what she’s apologizing for or when her apology-sort of, denial-sort of train pulled into the station?

Maybe it brings the Clinton family closer together as they parse the truth, blame others for their moral failings and try to invent fables for their next best selling book and series of nicely paid undisclosed speeches.

Who else but a Clinton would have so few thought bubbles that she’d think it made sense to not only use her own personal email account for government emails but to actually set up her own personal server? And to try to excuse her action by saying it was much simpler to have one email account with one device but to, according to the FBI, actually use 11 different BlackBerry devices over her term in future money making? Who else but a Clinton could manage to  turn an A-rated charitable foundation that has literally improved and saved thousands of lives around the world into an influence-peddling albatross? Who else could match a substantive and accomplished public career against a narcissistic nativist whose major public service to date has been outing so many like-minded racists and bigots, and not have, oh, 90 percent of the sentient vote?

I’m angry. I’m disappointed. We are one strategic email dump closer to a Donaldo Mussolini. Let us all hope and pray that if John Oliver can’t save us, America’s collective common sense will.

How can we elect someone whose major contribution to public service is that he has never served? Trump is an artful populist who knows how to press the right grievance buttons. He uses his intellectual vapidness and policy ignorance to his advantage: Oh, just ignore what Trump said. He’s not part of the system. He’ll shake things up. Shifting positions? So what? He needs to leave himself room to get enough votes. Once he’s elected then he’ll do what we want.

Right. Only when Trump is through shaking and shifting we’ll all be left with a broken America. Anyone who chooses to vote for America’s human enigma wrapped inside of a riddle shouldn’t be surprised if what they get is far different than what they thought they bought. That’s what happens if you vote for someone whose only core beliefs are the ones he thinks will get him elected.

A Message For Hillary Haters

by Jeff Pozmantier August 11, 2016

Don’t do it. If you’re a sentient being (of voting age), lean Republican,  and don’t fall in the angry white undereducated demographic, then this blog is for you. (If  you are angry, white and undereducated and CAN READ THESE WORDS, I’ll let you in on a secret: The Illuminati have moved this year’s voting date […]

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What Hillary Must Do To Win

by Jeff Pozmantier July 28, 2016

Oh Hillary oh Hillary, has Trumpism overtaken you? How can you trail this vainglorious bigot in most of the latest polls? Posh on the convention bounce excuse. Really? After that convention? How can you be behind this bullying, infantile cretin? Someone whose major presidential qualification appears to be his talent for casual insults and lying? Yes, lying. Check PolitFact. […]

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Idiotic Word Buffets

by Jeff Pozmantier June 16, 2016

Donald Trump eats at his own idiotic word buffet  almost every twitter hour. Nine million plus soak up his tweeting scraps and his dog whistle to bigots, racists, nativists, conspiracy-theorists and lovers of other us-versus- them- ists: Make America great again!  Ah, so how do we do that exactly? Who is really at fault for his followers’  personal travails? […]

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A Message To My Republican Friends

by Jeff Pozmantier June 4, 2016

No mas. I’d like to think that if I was faced with a democratic Trump candidate — and who really knows if he is or isn’t? —I would seriously consider a Republican candidate whose minimal qualification was that he/she wasn’t unhinged. Forget the racism and bigotry. This man is a real Goldwater Daisy Girl ad risk. […]

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When Did Republicans Lose Their Party?

by Jeff Pozmantier May 24, 2016

Was it when Republican party leaders increasingly viewed negotiating as a zero sum game played against a gang of Democratic devils and their anti-American leaders who seemed bent on destroying their Republican way of life? Or was it when Ted Cruz showed the way? His way. Cruz certainly proved how much better it was to engage in futile causes. Who can ever forget […]

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This Year Proves Your Vote Really Doesn’t Matter

by Jeff Pozmantier April 11, 2016

Trust me on this. Your vote for President of our disunited red, blue and purple states — an office real estate moguls used to just spend their dollars buying, not trying to serve — doesn’t matter if you live anywhere other than a battleground state. I live in Texas. But it would be the same story if I lived in New […]

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Donald Trump Is President

by Jeff Pozmantier February 29, 2016

The people spoke. At least the smart ones in the big electoral states did. New York and California are such losers. They didn’t want me, so why should I want them? First day in office, they’re out. We’ll be better off  with 48 states anyway. And tell me why  I have to wait until January to begin […]

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Top Seven Things You Don’t Need To Know Before You Die

by Jeff Pozmantier January 2, 2016

Create lists. Then create lists of lists. Why? Just do it because I said so and stop questioning everything. You’ll live a happier life. If you must know — and I assume you must, because you’ve read this far —  it’s not because  lists of lists  help you get organized. Frankly, if you’re that disorganized, you’ll probably lose your […]

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Elections, Marriage, Heart Attacks, Sermons, Judaism, Anniversaries, Iran, And Israeli-Palestinian Leadership

by Jeff Pozmantier November 2, 2015

I know it’s been too long. Have you missed me? Oh, there’s no shame in admitting it. But let’s get down to important business — mine, not yours. The extra hour of morning daylight has invigorated by invigorating senses. Or something like that. It’s time to vote  for Houston’s next mayor. It’s also time to vote against anyone conflating supporting […]

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