Donald Trump eats at his own idiotic word buffet  almost every twitter hour. Nine million plus soak up his tweeting scraps and his dog whistle to bigots, racists, nativists, conspiracy-theorists and lovers of other us-versus- them- ists:
Make America great again! 

Ah, so how do we do that exactly? Who is really at fault for his followers’  personal travails? Why, it’s got to be everyone else. Keep them out! Bomb their sanctuaries! Take away the liars’ press passes. Stop being stupid.

Just vote for the guy who will tell you whatever truth you want to hear and play to your every fear.

The man only needs four hours sleep, so that’s over six thousand extra hours he can spend over the next four years building walls, starting trade wars, taking geography lessons, learning the names of foreign leaders, and comforting grieving families and a nation by taking credit for predicting more heinous terrorist acts.

Hey Donald: Radical Islamic terrorism isn’t Islamic and isn’t radical. It’s terrorists hijacking a religion as a pretext for their evil deeds. To even indirectly connect the beliefs of 1.5 billion Muslims with the terrorists who practice a perversion of their religion is not only wrong, it makes it harder to deal with the root problem.

Frankly, we’d all be much safer if the “never-Trumpers” mobilized the Republican party’s leadership to ban Trump and reject (what, until recently, his own party would have characterized as) his un-American views. It doesn’t matter if Hillary bests Trump in November. What the Republican party supporters do today in response to their party’s ostensible candidate for the world’s most important position will determine the party’s future viability not just in the next election cycle, but for generations to come.

This man is wholly unfit for office. Loyalists who frame what they assess as Hillary’s lack of character in scandals involving emails, investments, Benghazi, her husband’s sexual peccadilloes or whatever they heard Fox News report, as even remotely determinative against a populist with no apparent core set of beliefs or plans other than to offer vapid word bubbles, serve their country and party poorly. Yes, Hillary may mean  the Supreme Court is lost to Republicans. But losing one branch of government is far better that than supporting someone who causes all of us to lose who we are as a country.

A Message To My Republican Friends

by Jeff Pozmantier June 4, 2016

No mas. I’d like to think that if I was faced with a democratic Trump candidate — and who really knows if he is or isn’t? —I would seriously consider a Republican candidate whose minimal qualification was that he/she wasn’t unhinged. Forget the racism and bigotry. This man is a real Goldwater Daisy Girl ad risk. […]

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When Did Republicans Lose Their Party?

by Jeff Pozmantier May 24, 2016

Was it when Republican party leaders increasingly viewed negotiating as a zero sum game played against a gang of Democratic devils and their anti-American leaders who seemed bent on destroying their Republican way of life? Or was it when Ted Cruz showed the way? His way. Cruz certainly proved how much better it was to engage in futile causes. Who can ever forget […]

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This Year Proves Your Vote Really Doesn’t Matter

by Jeff Pozmantier April 11, 2016

Trust me on this. Your vote for President of our disunited red, blue and purple states — an office real estate moguls used to just spend their dollars buying, not trying to serve — doesn’t matter if you live anywhere other than a battleground state. I live in Texas. But it would be the same story if I lived in New […]

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Donald Trump Is President

by Jeff Pozmantier February 29, 2016

The people spoke. At least the smart ones in the big electoral states did. New York and California are such losers. They didn’t want me, so why should I want them? First day in office, they’re out. We’ll be better off  with 48 states anyway. And tell me why  I have to wait until January to begin […]

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Top Seven Things You Don’t Need To Know Before You Die

by Jeff Pozmantier January 2, 2016

Create lists. Then create lists of lists. Why? Just do it because I said so and stop questioning everything. You’ll live a happier life. If you must know — and I assume you must, because you’ve read this far —  it’s not because  lists of lists  help you get organized. Frankly, if you’re that disorganized, you’ll probably lose your […]

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Elections, Marriage, Heart Attacks, Sermons, Judaism, Anniversaries, Iran, And Israeli-Palestinian Leadership

by Jeff Pozmantier November 2, 2015

I know it’s been too long. Have you missed me? Oh, there’s no shame in admitting it. But let’s get down to important business — mine, not yours. The extra hour of morning daylight has invigorated by invigorating senses. Or something like that. It’s time to vote  for Houston’s next mayor. It’s also time to vote against anyone conflating supporting […]

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One Strong Answer To The Violence (And It’s Not To Stab, Shoot, Blame, Make A Speech, Or Call For A New Coalition)

by Jeff Pozmantier October 15, 2015

The senseless, random violence within Israel and the West Bank is truly appalling. The abysmal lack of leadership is truly enduring. What Hand in Hand schools are doing — partially in response to the violence, but entirely because it is Hand in Hand’s mission — is truly inspiring.  I would not normally relay an organizational p.r. piece. But today, with Israelis and Palestinians […]

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Exclusive Interview With Donald Trump: Shocking Reveals On McCain, Palestinians, Israelis, Iran And More!!!

by Jeff Pozmantier July 25, 2015

Donald Trump’s entry into the 2016 Republican gaggle has captured the imagination of the majority of the Republican party’s cave dweller wing. Political pundits feign surprise. Come on. The man owns black and white, the colors his Republican base loves to buy. He attacks intelligent thought, a position that is obviously quite popular. Complexity? No, everything is simple. SIMPLE! Gun […]

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This Could Be My Last Blog

by Jeff Pozmantier June 16, 2015

I’m still pondering whether our relationship should continue. I’m unsettled. Did you really miss me? Did you even know I’ve been away for the last couple of months?  Strike that. Too needy.  I’ve been in Chile, land of empanadas, earthquakes, reverse seasons, and people who refuse to accept that English is their universal language. But that was only for a week. I […]

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