So Obama and Dean now say they support the right to build Muslim community centers, just not the idea of building one so close to Ground Zero? Or perhaps so close to the two other mosques, four liquor stores and what, ahem, are sometimes referred to as adult entertainment facilities, also located within a muezzin’s minaret blast.

Do we just have too many politicians and not enough leaders? Maybe it’s hard for Obama to be out front on too many controversial issues post health care and financial reform, but once he made his decision to support the right to build Cordoba House or Park 51 or whatever the latest tested name is, it is embarrassing to walk that decision back the next day by cautioning that you’re not commenting on the wisdom of exercising that right. And then to send you’re spokespeople to deny that’s exactly what you just did is quintessential political doublespeak. Obama is now our strategically thoughtful President: What’s better than to pronounce your “support” in front of a group of Muslims and then to change your response in front of a group of reporters while demonstrating your support for the Gulf Coast beaches? He is now, very unfortunately, someone swimming in the same political maelstrom everyone else in Washington eventually falls into.

Dean, on the other hand, a fundamentally brilliant Democratic strategist, has no credible excuse for encouraging the Park 51 group to consider relocating. He has now effectively embraced the Sarah and Newt arguments. Maybe he of “yehaaaaa” fame has now given credence to the critics that claimed he was really the buffoon he appeared to be so many election cycles ago.


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