Im Tirtzu claims they are serving an unfilled gap within Israel: a pro Zionist advocacy organization that focuses their efforts on  requiring exclusively pro-Zionist views and a rigid Zionist educational program within the Israeli educational system. The only problem is what Im Tirtzu sees as a gap, most Israeli educators see as nothing more than the usual  freedom of expression  that is the essence of  higher education.   

While Im Tirtzu denies that they are a political organization, they  regularly  attack the New Israel Fund and  advocate for an undivided Jerusalem and minimal territorial compromise.  All of this will certainly   create problems for whatever Israeli government tries to gain internal approval for a peace plan that ultimately will divide Jerusalem in some agreed manner and set boundaries that do affect Jewish settlements. It also creates complications for  The Jewish Agency and Pastor Hagee, two key funding sources that do not want to get embroiled in political contretemps and that are likely to cease their funding and  thus help diminish Im Tirtzu’s ability to pervert their stated mission.


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