We’ve been here before. Countless times. Israel talks. Palestinian leaders talk. And we get oh so close and then something always happens to give comfort to those that really don’t want peace as much as they want to muddle through with the status quo.

A bomb. A provocative act. An ill timed statement. There is always something or someone that delays and eventually throws the peace negotiations into what seems like a generational abyss.

Hopefully this time will be different. Hopefully this time the Palestinians have come so far in their infrastructure building in the West Bank and the Arab league has grown so tired of having to deal with the Palestinian issue that real or imagined impediments won’t stop the process. Hopefully this time the Israelis will realize that it is just as much in their interest as the Palestinians to not let what they feel they have a right to do to overtake the wisdom of considering the long term strategic consequences.

Most importantly, this time can be different if the United States takes a more active role in helping to address the legitimate infrastructure, poilitical and security concerns of both sides which will help encourage the necessary negotiating concessions that will eventually lead to a two state solution.


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