No mas.

I’d like to think that if I was faced with a democratic Trump candidate — and who really knows if he is or isn’t? —I would seriously consider a Republican candidate whose minimal qualification was that he/she wasn’t unhinged. Forget the racism and bigotry. This man is a real Goldwater Daisy Girl ad risk.

Your Republican dilemma:  Do I pick Unethical Benghazi or Dangerous Black Hole? You don’t need my advice, but I’ve always found it better to avoid black holes. The Republican party will get sucked into Trump’s gravitational orbit and never escape.

Focus down ballot. That will enable the party to retain its viability and loyal Republican supporters to maintain their dignity. To support Trump because you feel he supports more of the conservative agenda than Clinton (as Paul Ryan has) is strange. It isn’t merely to place party over country. It is to say supporting all that Trump represents won’t ultimately weaken the party even more.

I do wish you well and hope that you don’t come to regret who (and by that selection what) you supported in this election. 2020 is a short four years away. is ranked 21141327th in the world! Let others know. I want to be 211413276th!


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