Elect leaders that are better tacticians than strategists.

Teach false histories.

Insist on justifying actions today based on what happened to your great ancestors many millennia ago.

Insist that your historical narrative is the only important historical narrative.

Believe that the rules of war are really any more complicated than the #1 rule: win.

Define a humanitarian crisis only in terms of basic sustenance levels and ignore high employment, polluted water supplies , a lack of regular electrical power or any of the other basic necessities of life.

Embrace your own culture as superior and denigrate others.

Allow fringe elements to have a critical role in political governance and overseeing societal norms and avoid addressing the many contradictions that presents.

Believe that crude missiles and occasional terrorism will serve your interests better than building the infrastructure necessary to best serve your people.

Defend your path but forget how you got there.


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