The senseless, random violence within Israel and the West Bank is truly appalling. The abysmal lack of leadership is truly enduring. What Hand in Hand schools are doing — partially in response to the violence, but entirely because it is Hand in Hand’s mission — is truly inspiring.

 I would not normally relay an organizational p.r. piece. But today, with Israelis and Palestinians engaged in their latest version of  violence/counter-violence, I make an exception for the world’s longest (and most actively followed)  zero sum game. I encourage you to watch the short news piece (below) detailing Hand in Hand’s efforts.
My takeaway?
Hope can replace hate. Understanding can replace misunderstanding.
But to truly reach a sustainable peace, it may take Israeli and Palestinian  youth to lead their elders. Hand in Hand schools offers an educational model that can pave that road.
I am a huge fan and supporter and encourage you to also spread Hand in Hand’s message — whether it’s through the halls of Congress, through your network of friends, or through simple financial support.
Hand in Hand Wednesday, October 14, 2015
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Dear Jeff,

This is a special update about how Hand in Hand is responding to the current atmosphere of tension and violence in Israel. Our students, teachers, parents and families share the pain of all those who have become victims and feel the anxiety, fear and frustration that is so palpable across Israel today. But we also know that only by working together can we Israelis — Jews and Arabs alike — find our way out of the current crisis to create a better future for us all.

The Hand in Hand Bridge Over the Wadi School in Kfar Kara was featured on Israel’s Channel 10 Television, detailing how the teachers, parents and students there are dealing with the current situation. Please view this inspiring TV piece.

Principals Arik and Nadia

Principals Arik Saporta and Nadia Kinnani

Max Rayne Hand in Hand Bilingual School (Jerusalem) principals Nadia Kinnani and Arik Sporta, were featured in a powerful article that appeared on the front page of Yedioth Ahronoth’s Friday paper in the Jerusalem section. You can see in the attached a photograph of the newspaper and the article within, together with an English translation of the powerful message from Nadia and Arik.

This public exposure shows how our message is being amplified well beyond the walls of our schools and how Hand in Hand is seen nationwide as a hopeful model of an alternative to violence and hatred. The downside of being so public and visible is that our schools and students can become a target for violence. Already one of our students was assaulted at a Jerusalem shopping mall. We are very much aware of this concern and we take precautions to protect the safety of our students and staff.

Thank you,

Shuli Dichter, Executive Director
and Lee Gordon, Co-Founder

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