A new proudly right of right of right wing pro their version of Israel organization has formed just in time to (they hope) add to the further delay in concluding all of the fun and games Israelis have enjoyed since the 1948 War. They call themselves Z Street. 

Their intent is   to serve as a counterbalance to J Street, the two year old  moderate (some say liberal) pro peace, pro two state counterbalance to AIPAC. AIPAC, of course, is the effective coalition partner of whatever Israeli government is in charge and they, at times, serve as both influential  intermediaries with the U.S. government and at other times as  enablers of  counterproductive Israeli policies that have tended to delay  Mideast progress.  In any event, what Z Street lacks in naming originality they don’t make up for in their  “this land is my land not your land, anti-negotiation, anti-Palestinian, pro West Bank settler” positions.

While this is far from a mainstream group, they do illustratrate the variety of factions within what, unfortunately,  is a decreasing number of American Jews that still even regularly keep us with Israeli issues. It is a sad commentary on the state of  Diaspora Jewry and, frankly,the Israel coalition governing system that  62 years after Israel’s founding we still haven’t been able to decide what type of state Israel is and  should strive to be. Groups like Z Street, that strive to  take the “facts on the ground” and work for a vision that can’t exist if we are ever to have hope for real peace, are not only unhelpful they are the antithesis of their pro Zionist claim.


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